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Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post
Thank you for the additional details. Good reception results at a unique location.

Do the UHF antennas have reflectors?

Did you buy the antennas or did you make them?

Are the antennas outside?

How high are the antennas?

Are you using any amps?
Yes, both UHF antennas have reflectors and are the Stellar Lab, 2 bay
and 4 bay models. Antennas are mounted outside on rear corner of
my home about 30 feet AGL. I tried the Mingus Mtn 4 Bay with an
amp. It helped with the translators for Williams and Flagstaff but
they are just more of the same duplicates of what I already receive.
I guess the Mt Francis 2 bay is passive for the Mingus Mtn 4 Bay and
vice versa. The modified FM antenna was also a Stellar Lab but
in poor condition. I cut the boom, eliminating the drive and reflector
elements that were bent. I then connected it to the 4 Bay pointed at
Mingus via a UVSJ. I helps me get K06AE a 500 watt translator which
feeds the KNAZ NBC affiliate south of Flagstaff. KNAZ is a full power,
satellite of KPNX, Phoenix/Mesa. That antenna also improves the signals
on KAZT Prescott, Rf 7, K11LC Prescott and KFPH Flagstaff, Rf 13.
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