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Originally Posted by bobsgarage View Post
Hi Joe,

Thanks for some clarification.

So you're not combining the antennas? You're running separate antenna cables to each room?

I was under the impression that you were getting bi-directional reception to distribute through the house.

Also, you gave a zip code but I didn't see a city. It would be nice to know the city so somebody wouldn't have to research the ZIP code to see what city it belongs.

No, I am not combining the UHF antennas. Yes, each of the televisions
has it's own dedicated cable. I AM getting bi-directional reception from each of the UHF antennas. Prescott, AZ is 86301

The 2 bay pointed at Mt Francis, here in Prescott, receives all Mt. Francis
signals, even Rf 11. It also receives everything on Mingus Mtn, plus
KNAZ, Rf 22 some 60 miles away, with a 2 edge signal.
The 4 bay pointed at Mingus Mtn/Flagstaff receives everything on Mingus
Mtn, most Flagstaff translators, KNAZ on Rf 22, KFPH on Rf 13.
It also receives everything on Mt. Francis. Adding the modified FM antenna
with a UVSJ, pointed at Mingus Mtn, gets me K06AE, a translator on Rf6 which feeds the KNAZ, NBC main transmitterfrom KPNX NBC 12, in Phoenix.

Hope this all makes sense......
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