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Originally Posted by JoeAZ View Post
Yes, I do understand my description is hard to comprehend.

On a single mast, I have a 4 bay UHF antenna pointed at Mingus Mtn/Flagstaff
which is connected to a modified FM antenna which helps receive Rf 6 NBC,
KAZT Rf 7, KFPH Flagstaff, all of which are in the same direction and K11LC-D
on Mt Francis, the opposite direction. Connection is made with a UVSJ to ONE
television in my living room.

On the same mast, I have a two bay UHF antenna pointed at Mt Francis, connected
to a television in the master bedroom. The two bay antenna is back to back to the
4 bay UHF antenna/connected to the same mast. The two UHF antennas are NOT
interconnected in any direct way. The modified FM antenna is only connected to the
living room tv via a UVSJ.

The two UHF antennas though not connected, are somehow able to work together
to improve reception. Hope this helps. I'll post photos as soon as I get a chance. Street address: 1348 Winfield Circle
Hi Joe,

Thanks for some clarification.

So you're not combining the antennas? You're running separate antenna cables to each room?

I was under the impression that you were getting bi-directional reception to distribute through the house.

Also, you gave a zip code but I didn't see a city. It would be nice to know the city so somebody wouldn't have to research the ZIP code to see what city it belongs.

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