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"Reception at 180 degrees apart."

Where I live, zip code 86301, we have a group of 1 Kw translators
on Mt. Francis, 6 miles away, which serve parts of Prescott. About
20 miles away, there are another group of translators, one "full"
power VHF station atop Mingus Mtn. They are nearly 180 degrees
apart. Additionally, we have NBC from Flagstaff at 60 miles, a
weak, 2 edge signal, on Rf 22 and another station at 60 miles on
Rf 13. They are also about 180 degrees apart from Mt. Francis.

Trying a 4 Bay UHF antenna without any reflector yielded some of
the Mt. Francis translators, some of the Mingus translators, KAZT
Prescott on Rf 7 but not NBC on Rf 22 or Rf 13. Not a good situation.

Trying 2, 4 Bay UHF antennas pointing at Mingus and Mt Francis
with both interconnected, yielded worse results. The antennas
were mounted about 5 feet apart but on the same mast. I lost more
stations than without any reflector.

Solution: I then pointed a single 4 Bay UHF antenna at Mingus,
connected to ONE television. I received everything from Mingus,
save Rf 6 plus I received NBC on Rf 22 and Rf 13 as well.
Eventually I came up with the following, I mounted another 4 bay
antenna directly behind, on the same mast, as the one pointed at Mingus Mtn. I lost NBC on Rf 22 but no other stations.
Finally, I kept the 4 Bay UHF antenna pointed at Mingus and put
a UHF 2 Bay directly behind the 4 Bay, pointed at Mt. Francis.
Voila!!!!!!!!! I got everything from Mt. Francis and everything
from Mingus Mtn PLUS NBC on Rf 22 and Rf 13 as well.
I then connected the 2 bay antenna to see how it performed with
the 4 Bay at it's back. Received all Mt Francis, all Mingus Mtn,
plus NBC on Rf 22. It is weak but consistent.
Moving either antenna up or down, changes things quite dramatically
and changing the angles also provides some changes to reception.
Finally, I found an old FM antenna, removed the directors and
reflectors, keeping just the driven element. That antenna serves to
get NBC on Rf 6 also on Mingus Mtn but only .5 Kwatts ERP.
The Mingus 4 Bay and modified FM antenna are interconnected using
an UVSJ. I get everything I need and then some, with near perfect
consistency. I even get some Flagstaff and Williams translators at

Hope this thread helps somebody!!!!

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