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Originally Posted by BigLou80 View Post
I am looking for ideas on why I am not getting WTIC on the attached TV fool report. It would seem like there is plenty of signal to receive it without a preamp which I eliminated due to suspected over amplification on wggb and WGBY which are less than 4 miles away.
Hello, BigLou80; welcome to the forum.

Thank you for the link to your signal report.

Yes, WGGB and WGBY are strong enough to cause overload; you can't use a preamp.

WTIC is moving from real channel 31 to channel 34 during Phase 4 of FCC Repack, 6/22/2019 to 8/2/2019

Repack Plan

It is possible that they are running at reduced power because of antenna work; they do have temporary authorization for that:

You could call the WTIC station engineer and ask him.
On a side note I'd be happy to hear anyone's thoughts on getting channel 10 listed on the report
What is the callsign, WTNH?

TVFool is using a defective database to generate reports. A report from should have a more accurate list of channels:

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