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I'm sorry I didn't ask what type of antenna are you going to add to your combo antenna?

Why can't you go higher? From this angle it doesn't look like 20 ft. Unless it's the second level of a two-story house. Oh, and by the way that looks like that thinner gold irridite
corrugated pipe antenna mast.
April 12 we'll have two channels out here in SoCal LA/OC that will change frequencies and viewers will need to rescan their TVs. One of the stations, KWHY 22(virtual) will be dropping to real channel 4 on low VHF. One of their subs is RETRO TV, which is off the air at the moment here. If it returns, then I'll need to put up the Winegard HD7000R which is the slightly larger version of the RCA751, or smaller version of my current RCA3037X(R), which of course, enables me to receive low VHF. I want to continue to watch RETRO TV, if I can.

If RETRO TV doesn't return on KWHY 22, then I'll probably just put the RCA751 below my 3037X(R).

I cannot go up any higher on my roof. I'm already at 20 feet. I just don't have the materials or ability to install such a set up. I like to have something I can maintain without too much demand. Age is a factor here, if you know what I mean. Besides, I'm in a strong signal area about 35 miles south of Mt. Wilson LOS, 346 degree magnitude. And yes, my 25 year pole is actually good quality, thicker than what you get nowadays. Last year I sanded it down and cleaned out the inside and repainted it. Good for another 50,000 miles, I hope!

I'll shout out a BIG HORRAY if ADTech and rabbit73 start posting again. But any other ideas you have bobs, would be much appreciated by me regarding the issue I posted here. I'm just not sure what the dynamics are with two receiving antennas at a minimum distance from each other. I want to keep things simple. But I suppose I could add another pole further down on my eaves from my current antenna, if the minimum distance below my 3037X(R) would cause interference with another antenna. What do you think?

Thanks again bobs for your help!
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