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Need help in Denver

(this is the second time I've submitted this post; the first hasn't appeared)

Here in Denver all the major stations have their transmitters on a mountain west of the city, just 16 miles from us. We get great reception for all but two of these stations, KCNC 4.1 and KDVR 31.1, despite their transmitters being located near the others. Oddly, however, they are the ONLY two stations we can receive with a cheap, flat, indoor antenna; why are they the only two we can't get with the outdoor antenna, a Winegard 7694P recommended here? It's mounted at least 25 high and pointed toward the transmitters; we have just two TVs and no amplifiers. We have run the channel set-up on both TVs several times. Here's our signal report:

Thanks for any help...
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