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Questions for ADTech

Originally Posted by ADTech View Post
Had a lengthy post underway earlier today but my my 2 month-old Dell desktop decided to crash on me with a BSOD and a memory error... so, you get the short answer this evening.

Anyway, the 91XG, like ALL of our antennas, has a lifetime warranty (try that with the Chinese-made stuff to which it has been compared). All customers need to do is contact us, the link is in my signature.

Have a great weekend!

AD Tech, what would you say the wind load is on these C4 / Max antennas?

So, the C4-V-CJM, I have been researching/reading. AD says it's re-engineered from the original C4. What did they do to improve it?

I imagine it has to be better, since its more expensive even without reflectors

Also, you mentioned that it is highly recommended along the WI-IL State line, that must be true since I see a lot of them. I should clarify. I see a lot of the the C4's with reflectors, usually aimed in opposing directions.

Wouldn't they have been smarter to keep both and remove the reflectors? or even just one? Or, is the original C4 useless w/o the reflectors?

My experience has taught me that it's a bad idea to combine antennas pointing in two opposite directions.

I found a decent price for the C-MAX on Amazon, ($120.00) so I was thinking about purchasing one or two.
It also appears they still have some of the original CS4Vs with reflector for $109. Would that be a better deal?

Thanks, Bob

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