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well went to the inlays today and moved the antenna up to 18 feet and NBC came in then went to 22 feet and fox came in. so they now receive ABC CBS NBC FOX CW and 13 other rerun type channels reliably. That is what we were hoping for and early ams and night sometimes they get two channels from memphis via tropo .

I was using the military type aluminum tent poles that i drilled holes in and placed pins through like a boat trailer safety pin and a triangular pod stand often used for temporary radio transmitter antennas . Next is the permanent pole, cable burying etc. I intend to get a twenty foot pipe and pivot it on an old satellite c band antenna pole that is concreted securely in place . this will make it easily accessible. and get it up an extra 2 feet or so.

Maybe the Televes antenna does well here because of the angle of the triple booms line up with the refraction angle off the ridge a few miles away.

Thanks for the help and suggestions and I learned to use rabbit also!
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