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Or use a fiberglass pole ok know you are using a ANTENNAS DIRECT 91xg
It's a good pick it will pull in what you are looking for but I feel that you should
Go with a channel master cm7777.With the fm trap tillit the 91 all the way
And you should get the ANTENNA is hi as you can is a+ too you have to realize
And everyone you are in a hole and the RCA amp is not strong enough
To get you out of the hole!!well know I will tell you about the johansson amp kits that I have installed the units are set up to receive vhf,and if you wish not to use the vh F
it comes with caps and the vh F is 35dbg.know hear is the best uhf45,dbgx2 uhf45:db g
It is a 24volt amp and you should be using an Rg6 solid 18gage copper wire not copper clad STEAL CABLE on mast mount AMP with the johansson amp kits I had them
Tuned for the antenna Direct 91xg so when you put 2 91xg side by side 3ft apart
So 2,91xg,is 34dbg+3more dbg+45+45=I think this antenna set-up will get you what you are looking for.
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