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Ok cool I have an OTHER suggestions for you IT'S the new channel master
Uhf/vh F omniplus 50miles of RECEIVE range put it up like 35ft hi with a
7778amp by channel master and it is a lot smaller than the 91,and you do not need
a Rotor for it well rabbit what do you think about the channel master cm-3011hd
outdoor Antenna.
And the amp kits that I am using
Is the johansson amp kits thay are 24,VOLTS with a smashing 45+45dbg.
Ok + each 91x the dbg is like 17,+ an OTHER 3:dbg for stacking them
Side by side and one hi vhf ANTENNA below the 91xg seller's LAB,hi vh F
With this antenna set-up you will receive BROADCASTING TOWER's 90+miles away
But then you are back too a Rotor.yes the RCA is ok and the same thing
For channel master amp's but it all depends on what you are looking for
In recving BROADCASTING TOWER's 90+miles away.

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