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If you stack you should probably do the side by side 3ft apart
And the 45ft hi and if you're looking for a amp that I suggest
Is a 100% better than the channel master 7777&78mast mount amp
And the cost of the amp kits that I use is $45dollars+shipping cost
And it's nice becuse it will do uhfx2,at45:dbg.And,vhf,at35:dbg.
Or a kit that is uhf,45:dbg/vhf at35:dbg$35 +shipping costs
and the HDB91xg by solid signal is a better antenna for the money
And if you're looking too get your hi band vh F I Suggest the 2nd amp kits I Suggest!!!
With a vhf/uhf ANTENNAS like the antenna Direct or the SOLiD single HDB91.
Well good luck with your antenna set-up and look out for power lines when installing an outdoor tv antenna good day everyone on the form.
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