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I appreciate the detailed response . I knew there was a pretty high ridge between transmitter and antennae wasn't quite sure if its height was high enough to block the height of the transmitter. I am afraid that to get Fox will have to go to 45 feet or so but most likely will be able to get NBC at 20 feet. I plan to try the current televes at 20 to see what NBC does then if don't get NBC get the 91XG and try it at 20. If either gets NBC will likely stop for now and see if can find a nearby tower not being used to take down and move to their location. I don't really like using 40 ft push up etc but had a stardust and big stick on one on chimney mount long time ago. There are many towers that are not being used in this area and probably could get by with 30 foot tower and 20 foot galvanized chain link fence rail up additional 15 feet or so or schedule 40 water pipe.

Yes, I just checked the real channel for Fox on my TV and it is 21 not that I didn't trust you lol.

Just one more thing I forgot to ask

Would it be beneficial in a practical sense to use something non metallic such as schedule 40 PVC for the last few feet of mast and if needed for ground just something like a 10 ga copper wire from antenna mount to the metal the PVC wood or other material is attached to in order to get more benefit from the antennas directing elements ?

Again appreciate all the time and effort to help me . I certainly wasn't aware of the less precipitous falloff of the gain of the DB8 at the lower UHF band.
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