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Originally Posted by kb4 View Post
My inlaws currently get ABC and CBS which is part time MEtv and PBS on virtual 7.1 7.3 and 11.1-3 with indoor amped antennae. The aim is to get real 16 virt 39.1 for NBC/CW and real 39 vir 16.1 for Fox etc. (yes , I know the 16 and 39 s are confusing but thats what it is 1 real and 1 virtual each)
Hello, kb4. There are some errors in the TVfool report because of a defective database and many recent channel changes because of Repack by the FCC.

A report from has a more accurate list of channels.

WJKT Fox is now on real channel 21.

Repack Plan

Originally Posted by kb4 View Post
Now do you think it is worth trying the 91 XG either single or stacked at about 20 feet to try for NBC real 16 and probably not real 39 ?
WJKT Fox is now real 21, not 39.

The signal report is only a computer simulation. I suggest you try the 91XG at 20 feet for 16 and 21 with a preamp. It sometimes helps to tilt the front end of the antenna up. Also note that those two channels are about 18 degrees apart, and will be scattered by diffraction at the terrain peaks.

If that doesn't work, try a single 91XG at 45 feet.

Horizontal stacking two 91XGs at 45 feet is a last resort. It's a lot of work and will make the beamwidth more narrow.

The 91XG has much less gain for the lower UHF channels. The DB8e was redesigned for 14-51; it has a little more gain at the low end if both panels are aimed in the same direction, but tilting it up would be a custom modification. Try the 91XG first.

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