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In laws reception

My inlaws currently get ABC and CBS which is part time MEtv and PBS on virtual 7.1 7.3 and 11.1-3 with indoor amped antennae. The aim is to get real 16 virt 39.1 for NBC/CW and real 39 vir 16.1 for Fox etc. (yes , I know the 16 and 39 s are confusing but thats what it is 1 real and 1 virtual each) The TV Fool report is as follows
this is for 20 feet.

I set up a Televes LR temporarily because I had it at 14 feet with clear unobstructed acces for at least 1/2mile to a hill of similar height at 280 degrees and also tried 260 and 270 degrees.

We added real 27 which is also vir 27.1-7 this is a big plus with all the channels like Get tv ,decades ,Hand I, antennae tv, Cozi, Bounce etc.
I would expect to get the NBC real 16 since its similar in strength to the 27 but I do not. As expected 39 real is not received .

Now do you think it is worth trying the 91 XG either single or stacked at about 20 feet to try for NBC real 16 and probably not real 39 ?

I realize We could go to 45 feet or a little above and almost assuredly get real 16 and 39. Follows a report at 30 feet:

the following is a report at 45 feet:

Do you think 45 feet is high enough for reception of real 39 ?
Do you think 30 with stacked 91 xg is enough at 30 feet ?

Any suggestions of any other antennas or combos etc would be appreciated.
There are no interference or multiparty concerns and though the report says street level the street is a few hundred feet long of similar height property all at the only house on the street.
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