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One final note. I never did get any feedback on the idea of adding 1/2" hardware cloth to the corner reflectors. Is that a myth?
I don't see any benefit to it, at least relative to the effort. The UHF wavelengths are such that the stock reflectors do an adequate job.

A couple of points regarding the suggestions that TG made:

The 43XG is discontinued and we liquidated remaining stock a few years ago. Unless you can find the ones that the liquidator purchased and is still trying to sell, they're NLA.

On the 91XG, no need to drill any holes to achieve a stagger-stack configuration. The large U-brace simply clamps onto the main boom and you have a little bit of fore and aft adjustment between directors. Also, the mast clamp is not fixed in any single location on the U-bace so it can be moved fore or aft as needed as long as you can get the mast (pole) through the directors on the lower antenna unit.

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