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Originally Posted by johnnyboygomez View Post
The only two channels I really about adding are WPTZ and CJNT. So am I right to conclude that the reason I can get WCAX but not WPTZ is co-channel interference with CIII?
Yes. WCAX does have adjacent channel interference from CBFT and CBMT on 19 and 21, but they aren't quite strong enough to knock out WCAX. They would have to be more than 33 dB stronger than WCAX to interfere with WCAX.

CJMT-DT is also on channel 20 with WCAX, but it doesn't seem strong enough to cause co-channel interference with WCAX.

And as for CJNT is it maybe just too damn weak?
I haven't figured out the Industry Canada repack list. They will have to vacate 49 and move to 17 maybe..
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