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Hello there you should use the hole antenna the antenna Direct 91xg
is a good pick how hi is the antenna i suggest you look at the channel master
7777 amp I have used both the 91xg and the SOLiD single HDB91 it beem pattern of
60,making it easier to lock on too the broadcasting tower's and I have received
With both of these antennas at a 100Ft hi with the channel master amp 80miles away day or night in bad weather conditions single of 90% in mass and then I stack the antenna Direct 91xg side by side 3ft apart with the channel master amp receive was the same
SIGNAL100% and I have done this with the hi vhf as well with good results.With stagger stacking them the reason why you can put the antenna's closer together with good results
So then I went with a Winegrud 8200U with a channel master amp and with it's hi&low band vhf/uhf was the best ANTENNA for the money and I stacked them up out of this world.And with 2Johansson amp kits uhf45dbgx2 vhf35dbgx2 this set up is worth every penny spent it's been up for 3years and no problem with the ANTENNA's installe
and that vhv 1500miles away of RECEIVE,well good luck and be safe and look out for power lines when installing an outdoor tv antenna!!!!
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