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Just a little bit more...

Hello forum. Last week I replaced my RCA ant751 with a modified 91xg on an outside tower. Good idea! The reception is obviously much better. But I'm greedy of course and want just a little bit more. I am in far eastern ontario about halfway between montreal and ottawa.

Here's my setup:
Antenna: modified 91xg. The center section was removed to make a shorter antenna (not by me!) I do not know if the directors were adjusted.
Winegard LNA-200 Boost XT Preamplifier
Cable: 75' RG-6
Philips Rotator

TVFool report:

I am only interested in uhf channels with the exception of wvny-dt (real channel 13) so I'll ignore those channels under 13 (actually I can get channel 12 no problem. )

I can get all the UHF channels all the way down to CFMT-DT (NM -23.3dB) with these exceptions:

WPTZ 14 Very rarely (transmitter 650kW)
CJNT 49 Very rarely (but not tropo incidents I don't think)
WVNY 13 Never (transmitter 10kW)
CITS 43 Don't need
CIVS 24 Don't need

Here's the interesting part. The three American channels (WPTZ and WVNY) are broadcast from Mount Mansfield, VT. Three other channels are also broadcast from there, I believe on the same tower:
WCAX 22 Always good (strength 54%, quality 100%, 423kW)
WETK 32 Always good (strength 54%, quality 100%, 90kW transmitter)
WFFF 43 Some pixels for a couple seconds then good (strength 33%, quality 3%, transmitter 47kW)
So it is interesting that I can get some of those but not the others. WVNY transmitter is 14 kW and on vhf 13 so that's understandable. But WPTZ is 650kW! Any ideas as to how I can push this channel over the edge? I think that it does not help that it is at the low end of the UHF range.

I've heard you can add 1/2" hardware cloth to the corner reflectors.


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