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Originally Posted by ADTech View Post
If you want an inexpensive amp that "good enough" for such testing, run by Walmart and pick up one of these:

On second thought, pick up two of them. The first one I picked up for analysis was dead. Second one was okay.


Sounds like you may have the HDA-200.

Do be cautious with amps that are "adjustable". Most of the ones that I've examined simply put a variable attenuator in front of the amplification module which really ruins the noise figure at the amp's input. I haven't examined the HDA200 to see if it's done that way or if they engineered it to truly vary the gain without affecting the noise figure.
Thanks to everyone for the suggestions.

Iím going to get one of the lower power amplifiers and give it a whirl...Iíll post the results here.
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