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Newbie Needs Some Help...One TV Not Getting All The Channels

The TV in our bedroom is not receiving "all" the channels that the other four TV's we have in our house have no problem receiving.

That television is at the end of the chain is the longest run of cable compared to the other four.

We currently have an "active/powered" roof antenna approximately 30-35 feet above the is at the peak of our roof of our two-story home.

Here's the questions:

1. Would an amplifier help with this problem?

2. What sort of amplifier is needed since we have an "active/powered" antenna. (I've been doing some reading here while I was waiting for my account to be activated and it seems you don't want "too" much gain or things turn to mush.)

3. Where would be the best place to place this antenna? Near the errant television? Or at the beginning of the cable run?

Thanks in advance for any help or advice.

BTW....I don't know the model number of our antenna but I have included a photo of it for any eagle-eye experts out there.

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