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Yep, I think we were both entering information at the same time. That can kind of cross things up a bit.

The one I linked to is listed as UHF/VHF.
Assuming you're referring to the 8-bay, I can assure you it's a UHF antenna. Any VHF reception it might offer is coincidental to its design and is going to be of varying capabilities at odd angles. Usually relatively short range VHF is what would be expected. I evaluated that antenna a number of years ago when the Chinese manufacturer sent us a bunch of samples trying to get us to buy and resell them. I've seen the same behavior from any of the UHF antennas that I've field or range tested.

That's where the UFO shines with it's full VHF/UHF 360 reception.
When it comes to omni-directional antennas, I usually recommend that they be reserved for very simple reception situations, like a farm out in the middle of cornfields with no trees around. In an area or an installation where multi-path is a concern, an omni is usually the first to fail as it has no capability to focus on anything or to reject interference coming from unusual or unexpected directions. While I have not evaluated the Antop omni, I can comment that it would be quite an engineering feat to actually achieve true omni characteristics across the whole design bandwidth. I'd rather expect something along the lines of "quasi-" omnidirectional behavior that sort of approximates omni performance.
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