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If you still have your damaged DB4e, it can be repaired with a little work. We can send you the parts, as needed. You'd have to drill out the rivets and re-install the bowties with common hardware and replacement holders.

Your new requirement post-repack (after this October) will be for a UHF/VHF combo antenna as WISC is moving from UHF 50 down to VHF 11. Currently, there is a VHF station out of Rockford, WREX, that is on VHF 13 but you indicated Madison as your primary concern.

The antenna you referenced at Solid Signal is another UHF-only design. It does not meet the requirements for reception after October.

We do offer a simple clip-on VHF dipole that easily adds a modest level of VHF performance to any of our current and recent UHF models. I'd have to perform a signal analysis based on your address to determine if it is appropriate or not. Just fill out the form on on our website (link is in my signature below) and we can take it fro there. Same for any parts requirements.

Also, if you still have the PS1403 installed but not the corresponding Winegard preamplifier module, that power inserter should be removed as it is not doing anything useful and opens up the possibility of other equipment getting damaged due to power where it's not supposed to be.
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