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Antenna, Pre-amp, and splitters...


Here is my setup, I have linked directly to the products if I can. I have a DB4E antenna that goes to a Winegard PS-1403 pre-amp. The pre-amp plugs into a RCA 3 way splitter that is good only for up to 900mhz. Off that splitter it goes to a garage TV and then to the basement to an RCA 8 way splitter also only good for up to 900mhz.

So my issue is that I seem to have a very high signal strength according to the TV tuner, but it blinks out every 5 minutes or so for a couple of seconds. In my signature you can see my signal analysis, I am tuning to the Madison, WI stations. Primarily 3.1, 27.1, and 47.1. I was reading up on splitters and have found several references to needing 1000ghz or more. Before I buy a couple of powered Channel Masters, do you think this is my issue? Do I need the powered Channel Masters if I already have a pre-amp?

If you see anything else that can help me out I would appreciate it!

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