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Thanks for those suggestions.

Right now, the DB8e is @215-218 (best guess because it's hard to be sure)
The CM and DB8e are @ 40' apart now and have separate coax.
I moved it to eliminate the chance that my metal roof was interfering

If I used a common preamp, I'd have to do this inside near where I put them into the CM 3414 splitter/amp.

Except for WWCP, all my VHF are strong on the CM.
I get these strong:

WWCP comes in decently 80% of the time.
That's aimed at 215-220.
Not much else out there.

Although I don't feel a need to amplify the VHF, I just ordered this
Winegard LNA-100 Boost TV Antenna Amplifier, HDTV Signal Booster, HD Digital VHF UHF Amplifier, Indoor HDTV Ultra Low Noise Amp (USB Power Supply) - USA to see if it may help with WWCP.

My main concern is seeing if I can amplify the UHF.
The only consistently strong UHF signal is KDKA.
Probably WPGH is my second best and it's nowhere as consistently strong.
Or WJAC from Johnstown which is, usually, pretty good.
Other than those 3, anything else is by pure chance.

Earlier today I ordered the PA 18 for my UHF.

The RCA that I am returning was the only preamp to be found within 30 miles of me.
Once I get these pieces, I'll try with only 1 TV as you suggest.
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