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Originally Posted by blackstone View Post
Is there a solution or something I (can) live with?
Yes, but you will not like it.
In years past, WPXI came in reliably.
Now, maybe 50% of the time.
The trees are growing.
Also, up until a week or so ago, WJAC (Johnstown) and WWCP (Altoona) were also pretty reliable.

I can move the antenna slightly southward a few degrees and pick them up.
However, I lose some other stations.
Your antenna is very directional. If you aim it for the SW channels, the SE channels will be too weak. If you aim it for the SE channels, the SW channels will be too weak.
I want my cake and eat it, too.
Of course, we all do.

You need a rotator (which you don't want) or two antennas, one for each direction.

But before you do that, you should try a preamp at the antenna, as suggested by jrgagne99 in post #2. A preamp at the antenna is much more effective than a booster down below.

How long is the coax from the antenna to the CM3414 in the basement?
Although I agree that a rotor will definitely improve my performance, I am concerned about the second TV.

That is my wife's and we don't, usually, watch the same things.
If your wife's favorite channels are all in the same direction, just make sure her TV is connected to the antenna for that direction. If your wife's channels are in two directions, it gets complicated. You will then need two coax lines to her TV and an A/B switch. An alternative would be to connect the second antenna to a separate tuner, with its output connected to the aux input of the TV.

If there is only one channel from the second antenna, then it could be combined into one coax with a custom (expensive) single channel inserter.
Last night I did a scan and got 31 stations.
Not all of them displayed well due to pixilation, specifically, WJAC.
WWCP came in well
For best results, the antenna must be aimed at the transmitter; splitting the difference will not work for you.
If you can not measure it, you can not improve it.
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