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Originally Posted by John Candle View Post
Check out Western Digitals media center products.
Thanks John for the suggestion. I checked out their WD TV Live Hub ( but like most of the other set top solutions, it seems geared more toward subscription based content. From the site:

"Choose from over 10,000 titles from CinemaNow and Blockbuster On Demand, or access your Netflix unlimited membership and watch TV episodes and movies on your big screen.*
* CinemaNow account (US only), Blockbuster online membership (US only), or Netflix unlimited membership required (US and Canada only)."

The only definite solution I've seen so far that looks to support watching the hulu site for free is media center, which is more or less just using your big screen as a computer monitor, as I understand it. I'm just checking to see any one knows of other solutions, or what others have done.
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