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I have some more questions regarding this topic. I was reading about how one of the folks here (GroundUrMast I believe) was running Windows Media Center. I am thinking of doing the same thing, but I'm a bit confused on some things:

1) Do I need to buy a TV tuner? I think the HomeRun Silicion Dust one was the one GroundUrMast used.

2) Does the computer need to be on all the time to be able to use Windows Media Center on the TV? I have a laptop which is only on when I use it (I hibernate it at other times), and this is the only computer we have.

3) How do I get the sound from the computer to the TV?

4) How do you switch between "tv mode" and "computer mode" when using the laptop, or is this even necessary? In other words, I have a docking station for my laptop. It has a VGA plug and DVI_D plug. I use the DVI_D plug for the onitor, but how will I get the TV picture from media center to the TV? Will I have to use the VGA plug for that? In other words, how will I be able to use this as a regular computer and also as a media center computer for my TV?

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