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Tv Antennas and Reception

The U4000 was chosen because it has a 'wide beam width' for the reception of stations to the east north and east south and the strong stations to the north will be received through the back side of the antenna. The stations are strong enough to receive with the U4000. . The bigger a Tv antennas is , the narrower the beam width will be and will receive more signal to the front side of the antenna and less signal from the side and back of the antenna. The 2 groups of stations to the south west have adjacent channel warnings and co-channel warnings , this will make them harder to receive with a separate antenna pointed in that direction and there are no new networks to receive at the south west direction. If you will like to try and receive them any way then a separate antenna can be installed , I suggest a Clear Stream 4 antenna pointed at about 215 degree magnetic compass. . A coax from each antenna will need to be brought to the Tv location and connected to a remote control A/B antenna switch so as to switch from one antenna to the other, the remote control A/B antenna switches to use are the AB27RS or radio shack 15-1968. Do not connect the 2 antennas together at the same time on to one coax down lead.

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