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antenna recommendation in NC

We currently do not have any existing antenna, wiring, etc. All we have is the "broadcast cable" from our cable company (~$10 per month) which gives us the basic networks. This has worked great for us for many years with our circa 1992 RCA TV. However, we are looking to upgrade our TV since the RCA acts up a bit at times, and I don't think the newer LED/Plasma/LCD TVs work very well with standard definition cable, which is what we currently have. I really don't want to pay for digital cable (which will jack up our cable bill tremendously), so I'm considering getting an antenna, which will also save us $10 per month.

Here's the TV fool report.

Our "must have" stations are NBC, FOX, ABC, CBS, ION, MyTV, and CW.

Currently, we will be connecting only one TV to the antenna. We may at some point connect others, but not likely since we will probably only have one TV in the house.

I'd really like to avoid getting a rotator if I can, but unfortunately, many of these stations are well over 90 degrees apart.

I don't mind getting multiple antennas, but I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not since some of what I've read says that it will hurt your signal.

What do you recommend? Thanks for your time.

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