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I didn't know any details about the move. Just heard the word auction and assumed there would be bidding. Either way they decided to move and either didn't know they were going to lose coverage or didn't care.

Tim, That's an interesting article. I was told they were running more power than the old frequency. That is not true. In fact it reads like they might be asking to be able to up their power. ( the article is from 2017 tho) I hope I don't go to the trouble of moving/ modifying my antenna and then they go and up the power later. I could just wait and not have to do anything. I have tried to communicate with them via e-mail and their online form for people having problems receiving them now and I get no real response. I also called. They could have at least given me the details that are in that article. If I knew what they are planning to try it would help me decide what to do on my end. They say in the article that 90 percent of their viewers are cable subscribers. They should realize that number is dropping every day. More people are going to antennas and they are going to lose viewers.
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