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All great info guys. I had no idea the noise would be that big of a deal. I wish the station would have thought more about it when they bid on the new frequency. I had no problem receiving their station for the last 15 years at this location. The only change was their frequency. As far as I know their tower and antenna height stayed the same and I din't change anything on my end. I think they are even running a bit higher power now. As I get time this week I will do some experimenting. May try the outside now that I know more about the noise. An added benefit of moving outside is we may pickup a couple more channels that we have received hit and miss in the past. 61 and 69 with some programming that we liked. I just don't like look of the antenna on the roof and the maintenance out there.
WQED did not "bid" on the new frequency. They were assigned that frequency and as such received a windfall of cash to accept low band VHF. They could have chosen to remain on UHF as in the past but apparently wanted or needed the money.......
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