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Channel moved to VHF low

My local PBS station WQED moved to VHF low 4. I have an RCA antenna ANT3037x in the attic. When WQED changed Freq I lost them all together. Yes I did the rescan. I went in the attic to try some adjusting of the antenna and found the box it came in and realized I never added the VHF low kit as I never needed it before. So I added the extensions. Now I can get the tvs to recognize the channel but it is all pixelated. I am also running an RCA amp #2R43GM on the case. And a powered splitter Channel Master #CM-3414. I Don't want to move the antenna outside if I don't have to. I am in Mammoth Pa and the station is in Pittsburgh.

So my question is, is there an antenna that would be better at picking up the VHF low band. Or an amp that is better suited for VHF low. Also when I do the signal report I don't see WQED listed.
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