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A bit off topic but out of curiosity I had picked up an ANT751r (longer box) having read here that its VHF would be better than the ANT751e (shorter box but blue) i tried.

It could have been the weather or stations (repack?) but the ANT751r did not pull in VHF 13 or UHF 44 as well as the ANT751e for me. I mean vhf 13 could not be pulled in for nothing with the ANT751r.... Looking at rabbit ears repack it looks like 13 may have move to 12.. uhf 44 to 27.. but my TV always put uhf 44 on 5 and 5 would not come in with the ANT751r...

The ANT751e worked for my stations and location but the higher VHF and UHF were the most weak. I was really impressed with the antenna...but definitely need a bigger one in my wooded location.

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