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Originally Posted by Nascarken View Post
It could be Nice change a few things
And yes look'S that'S a lot of money involved
And the best ANTENNA and a NICE TOWER!!
And what A shame on the RECEIVE range
But with a few changes and a good tweak!!
And defentle no dropouts and all channels
Day or night and then you will have
One He'll of an ANTENNA set-up!!!!
Let's tweak it and have no dropouts single!!!!
Just like ten Hours of work.
I do not know if you're obtuse or trolling, but I will attempt to explain to you what I believe everyone else who has read this thread has understood.

I went in to this to achieve the goal of getting all channels available in my area to combine in to one input on my DVR (TiVo). I understand why I have multipath and the inherent problems with this setup. While not ideal, this set up is performing flawlessly with no dropouts and all available channels. There are NO amount of tweaks or changes that would make ANY noticeable difference to the end user to enhance the experience. 100% signal vs. 85% signal does not matter in this case. I do not know how else to put it. As ADTech said, every antenna installation is an experiment.

I had a blast over the last 3 years getting to this point and have learned some things on the way. I did all the work myself with the help of my 8 year old son. Nothing you suggest will make anything about this experience better. I am done responding to you now. Have a nice day.
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