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I wanted to show off a bit. I completed erecting my tower. I am receiving all channels I expected. What surprised me is I didn't need a preamp to get all those channels. 35 miles is the closest tower and 70 miles is the farthest. I appreciate everyone's help along the way. I'm thinking about what else I can play with. Maybe something with FM or FTA.

That is why you have MULTIPATH!!
HI Gain antenna when stacking them
Have to be TRUE in line with one another
not off set,same with the ANTENNA Direct 91st
an OTHER HIGH gaIN antenna when stacking them they have to stay true
Not off set it makes MultiPATH, maybe you can adjust your antenna 'S
And to tune the ANTENNA 's but you have to get rid of the DISTRIBUTION AMP.
Hi GaIN antenna do not like them they all so creating MULTIPATH.
And they say not to use them on hi gain ANTENNA like the 91xg&seller's lab!
HI Gain!!! And why you should use a good amp I know you do not want too spend more money!! But when stacking ANTENNAs the amp is used to tune the ANTENNA's iT's
Just not about the dbg,it all so tunes. The antenna.

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