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Originally Posted by Nascarken View Post
Ok so know what about a uhf at 45dbg/vhf35dbg.Johansson anp kit WHERE you
Do not need a combinder? Or a T connections to add a vhf/uhf ANTENNAS
I know about the Johansson Amp Kit but the splitter rabbit73 and ADTech recommended for combining works just fine in my case. No reason to spend the money on an amp kit. In the case of OTA TV, I am looking for a signal that is "good enough" meaning strong enough not to drop out while viewing/recording. I do not need the signals to be at 100%. That may change once the leaves start coming out on the trees. I am above the trees, but since I'm 2edge on all signals but one, this has affected me in the past with prior setups. I will know in less than a month if this will be the case with the new setup.
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