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Wow that's too much on that tower and is the tower grounded
and when you use a Gray box's that size I can believe the insert loss
And you should have the uhf on top and the seller's below. becuse of the box??stand back and tack a good look
at where it sits and when you put your VHF in the same box.
Is not good that is why you keep the vh F out of reach.frum the uhf.
And that is why you are getting multipath and if you are looking for true vh F
you should use a separate feed line for vhf.AND use an A/B switcher frum VHF/UHF!!!
and the uhf antenna Direct 91x are too far apart that should be 3ft apart and the feed line frum the ANTENNA to the T connections should be 3ft long,and the ANTENNA Direct 91x
Should be faced the same way and the same for the seller's LAB antennas too that can all so creat MULTIPATH as well It looks like you have a good mess too fix well I had the same set up but the other way around and with the title sistom for the 91xg!!!and no MULTPATH
Prblem'S and the hi vh F 1500miles of RECEIVE range with a channel master 7777amp
And for CABLE I used RG8u frum the ANTENNA to the amp's board and close to the ANTENNA as possible for best results!!!and a good rotor too tern all 4.ANTENNAS
And the uhf RECEIVE range with a 45+45dbg,Johansson anp kit 200miles of RECEIVE range SIGNAL strength of 100%on A 150ft tower and no dropouts with my inverted V antenna for the HAM band use and my spectrometer for all my needs.

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