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At first I was puzzled by ADTech not suggesting the Juice preamp which is made by the company he works for.
Well, just didn't get around to it yesterday. I'd actually almost suggest the PA18 for its better noise performance but the calculated signal power of KMOS would cause a violation of a rule I made for our sales staff: If there's any "green" on the plot, do not use the PA18. That would either eliminate it completely or, at least, for the north-pointing 91XG unless KMOS was notched out. By that time, things are quickly getting out of control in terms of complexity plus I didn't look at post 2020 channel assignments. FWIW, the power supply and inserter shipped with the Juice is more than capable to supply two of them simultaneously. The amp usually pulls 120-140 mA at 12 volts and the supply is rated at 400 mA output.

There seems to be a difference of opinion between ADTech and Tower Guy about the potential success of combining 4 antennas in this manner. With so many factors involved, I would just have to try it.
I don't think so. He pointed out a factor I hadn't considered. I happen to ALWAYS view these installations as experiments with no expectation as to the outcome. Sometimes they work out okay, sometimes they fail miserably. Usually, they work so-so with some wierd issues due to the problems inherent with combining signals in an uncontrolled manner.
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