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All of the Burlington-Plattsburgh stations broadcast from almost exactly the same spot on Mt. Mansfield, so the issues that you are having with WCAX are most likely an issue of signal bounce because of the specific frequency of WCAX and the mountains between the transmitters and you.

Rabbit beat me to the punch when he suggested changing the tilt of the HDX-91. I have experienced going from a no-signal to a solid signal just by tilting the front of the antenna up, sometimes by more than 15 degrees. So, before you undo all of your handiwork on the roof, try the tilt first.

By the way, WFFF (FOX) has a pretty tight transmitting pattern that puts little signal out your way, so, if you see WFFF with the tilt, you ought to see WCAX without too much of an issue.

Another thought might be to horizontally stack 2 HBX-91s, which would increase the likelihood of finding additional stray signal from WCAX. HBX-91s are cheap enough to be worth giving it a try. Mount them on a fiberglass horizontal pole approx. 39"apart. Be sure that your coax cable leadin is exactly the same length from each antenna, and combine them using a high-quality coax splitter-joiner. The front end elevation tilt recommendation is still valid.
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