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If I do "walk the roof" and happen to find a hot spot for WCAX, do you think the hot spot will stay in the same place from day-to-day, and over the seasons and years?
The hot spot stayed stable for me. My wife wanted a battery operated TV for use during a power failure. The only place it would work indoors with analog TV was by a window.

When digital TV came along, an indoor antenna would not work because there was an aluminum foil vapor barrier on the insulation in the outer walls; we were living in a Faraday Cage.

The landlord said I could mount an antenna outside if it did not show from the street. I selected a hot spot inside the decorator blocks on the porch. The landlady said she wanted me to move it to the left where it wasn't as obvious. I explained to her that the antenna needed to be where the signals were the strongest, and I would build an attractive enclosure for the antenna. She said OK.

The 4-bay UHF antenna is about 5 ft off the ground. I added a folded dipole for VHF channel 13. The signals come through the holes in the blocks without much attenuation. The VHF signals are attenuated a little more because the size of the holes is frequency related. In other words, the holes act like a high pass filter.

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