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I'm back again, but with good and bad news... I went back this to the new place early morning. OTA was still good with an overcast cold weather (nice change from the crazy hot summer weather lately), it was about 90 to 100 channels (similiar like before). It was also when cable technicians came over to hook up cable stuff (yes that $89.99 bundled promotion for a year) in case OTA doesn't work in the future. We can always remove products and features if needed.

The bad news is my room and folks' master bedroom had to be sarcified for cable and lose OTA since my folks did not want to add another cable line. It would also be a lot of work (technician only had about 1.5 hours before the next appointment). I tried to argue that I still wanted OTA, but I lost awesome OTA battle. The other two rooms were not touched for its OTA. While setting up the cable line in my room from the attic (disconnected one from a splitter for OTA), the cable technician found another hidden dusty splitter in my room behind the cable outlet cover. Woah. We totally missed that during that OTA madness! It was splitted into my room and the master bedroom. That's crazy.

After he set it up, I went to test the OTA rooms and they even got more channels (120 and 122 each room! That was the highest ever!)!! Wow. Bummer I will be on cable TV. I am so spoiled by the free price and picture clarity with OTA. Cable digital isn't impressive on a new 22" HDTV. Or maybe it is the composite cables that the technician used (didn't even give me HDMI cables!). Oh well, my folks will be paying for the crazy high cable prices and enjoying their OTA channels. At least Internet is still fast with its standard 10/1. That's all I care for.
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