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Just a follow-up that a possible resolved issue with my OTA in the new house. for the current photos. (will be removing them later for disk spaces and bandwidth) of CM 4228HD antenna in the front yard. Previous owners' internal coax cables are still there and used for OTA. Two new Samsung HDTVs (20" and 55") were added to the family room and bedroom recently. Old CRT+Zeinth converter box moved to my folks' bedroom. Couple non-screw coax cables were replaced between coax cable outlets and the new HDTVs, but we used those before! Old CRTV uses the screw types. Attic uses General Electrics (GE) four-ways (RMS' two way didn't make any differences from testings so it can't be the splitters) splitter.

I hope OTA stays stable and don't need to redo the coax cables inside the walls, get a pre-amp, etc.! I am still suspicious... :P
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