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...Questions: Does it matter what vertical angle and RCA ANT751 supposed to be upside down or not for optimal feeds? It doesn't seem to matter? I know someone said CM one should be tilted back about 10% degrees or so, but does that apply to RCA ANT751 too?...
FYI from RCA on its ANT751 antenna:

"... Response Via Email(Trudy Holden) - 07/09/2012 04:41 PM
Dear Ant,

The mount bracket and pipe can be arc down or up.

There is a top and bottom for the antenna. The elements snap out and lock into position.

The top elements mounts are designed to work with gravity to lock and support the element. The top elements mounts/locks are plastic and to take the load from ice build up and birds landing on the element.

The bottom elements mounts/locks are designed to take the down load, most of them are metal.

If the antenna is mounted upside down, the top elements would lock and be supported and would break off over time.

Even indoors be sure the top is up..."
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