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More again today. It looks like we're going to keep that CM 4228HD antenna since we still failed with RCA ANT751. Also, I took and added several more photo(graph)s to share: ...

Both Zeinth DTT900 converter box and Digital Prism portable DTV can get about 110 channels (including KFMB's channel 8 and KGTV's channel 10) in the best room -- still need to fix the other rooms with weaker signals [lose about 30 channels and more unstable feeds [probably need preamps or new coax cables from the previous owners with their Dish service]). We'll see how long "stable" OTA feeds this will last. The weather was nice and no winds. I hope it doesn't get worse than what we got! :P

I also discovered that Digital Prism loves to pick up those encrypted Airbox (channel 30-xxx) and analog (e.g., snowy channel 12) channels. Zeinth never shows those, but it did show a few radio channels (on screen, it says audio only).
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