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I forgot to share this information over the weekend. I only seem to mention them in my newsgroup post. Oops! These will probably add support that I won't be able to get OTA fully:

Elevations according to Google Earth (GE):
1. About 956 ft. in the front yard and kitchen's ground levels where the best feeds are.
2. Highest blocked hill/small mountain to Mt. Wilson in a straight line is about 1,254 feet (never knew GE had this feature!): ... So there's about a 300 feet height difference.

FYI after 6/26/2012 8:50 AM PDT for about 15 minutes: I was at the other house again. I noticed that RCA ANT751 antenna was remounted on the kitchen and garage corner facing NW (can't go north more due to the garage wall like I did in front of the kitchen patio, grassy lawn, and inside the kitchen). Here is what Zeinth converter box picked up (60-63 channels scanned multiple times [3 were added after the first one from scratch]): 2 (actually stable!), 4, 7, 9, 11, 13, 18 (unstable), 22, 31, 44, (unstable), 50, 54, 57, and 58 (unstable). Also, no winds I felt outside like on Sunday's early afternoon. I also CM 4228HD antenna has not been disassembled to be returned to Fry's yet.

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