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Your best hope for receiving the maximum possible stations involves mounting outside, high, clear of obstructions. I understand there are several reasons that may not be a viable option in your case. You and your family are able to understand those limiting factors far better than I.

That said, I'm suggesting that if there is an acceptable mounting location, you compare the list of received channels, when using the CM4228 and then the ANT-751. I think you'll find that the CM4228 receives channels the ANT-751 can not, and that the ANT-751 in turn, receives signals the CM4228 does not. If that's the case, combining the two would provide the more viewing options than either lone antenna could.

You had posted a photo of the back yard. How high was the antenna off the ground when you tested there? There are 10' mast sections available, I've even used the 'top rail' designed for chain-link fence systems... (got it @ Home Depot as I recall) If you have an acceptable location in the back yard, that can accommodate an elevated antenna (or two) you may find that just a few feet higher in the air gets signals that were unavailable the last time you tried in that area. Tripods intended for roof mounting can be used in ground mounted applications also.
If the well is dry and you don't see rain on the horizon, you'll need to dig the hole deeper. (If the antenna can't get the job done, an amp won't fix it.)

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