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Originally Posted by GroundUrMast View Post
If we go back to your TV Fool report, you'll notice that there is a mix of both UHF and VHF channels listed.

The signal strength is low which indicates the need for a large, high gain antenna which has both UHF and VHF capability. @Dave Loudin's post addresses this in a rather comprehensive manner.

If you are limited to using an ANT-751 and a CM4228, try combining the two using a UVSJ. you'll get fairly good UHF performance and at least some VHF. The CM4228 has little VHF capability. The ANT-751 has some UHF capability but not nearly as much as the CM4228.
Would combined RCA ANT751 and CM4228 still need to be put outside on the roofs? If so, then the problem is my folks don't want them on the roof and in the kitchen behind the window patio door. They don't mind them in the attic, but the attic did not work well due to too many interferences (metal/mesh parts in the walls?) with various antennae. And they don't want that CM antenna anymore for being too big and heavy [why did he buy it then?].
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