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OK, I am back again. Today's early afternoon hours were rough and somewhat disappointing. I think today's soft winds were messing up my OTA feeds there. I can't imagine was hard winds would do! I don't remember any winds on Wednesday night too.

With that new CM 4228HD antenna outside on the non-slope patio in front of the kitchen window instead of the slope grass I did with RCA ANT751 antenna almost a couple months ago, I got scanned channels from over 80 to 104 channels in the same area. I tried tilting a little back/front, changing angles a little, etc. Also, this was about 5' (CM 4228HD's center where the coax cable connector is) above the ground like my height. Note that the garage's left wall, AC unit, cement patio, low wall, and low metal gate door were still around it even far. I wanted to try it on the slope grass area, but the wooden easel (finally figured out what those art painting canvas holders were called) would be unable to hold the heavy and big CM 4228HD antenna (I had a hard time lifting both items separately due to my disabilities and height!). From what I saw, I had some issues with KCBS2, KTLA5, KCAL9, etc. Nuts. Just for kicks, I went to the grass slope front lawn to try RCA ANT751 antenna over my head (5') again and noticed less channels. What the frak?

Also, my father/dad/pa was willing to put an antenna outside in front of the kitchen outside mounted under the roof. Ugh! NO! This will not work well because I tested this already by myself with RCA ANT751 antenna near the walls, AC unit, wall, etc.! The best spot is in the open area like above the tiled brick roof! We got into a verbal fight too. He said it is too dangerous up there. Well, get someone who can then even though I could search for someone! Argh!! I gave up and let him try it in the wall corner adjacent to the garage and kitchen's sink window sides. It didn't get all the channels we wanted, and some were unstable like KCET28. Well, DUH! I knew that already from my previous tests! It looks like he will get a very long coax cable (25'?), from a local Radio Shack store, to connect from the attic with previous owners' coax cable setups with his Dish service, to the front to this mounted antenna (most likely RCA ANT751).

Also, I finally took my old 2005's DB2 bowtie antenna. Amazingly, it didn't too bad. It got many channels we wanted, but some were not receivable and stable. I'd rank this one under RCA 751 antenna. This was in the outside corner spot and in the kitchen as well.

I updated to show the locations.

Oh another bad day was he dropped the portable DTV. It still mostly works, but the channel+ button (next channel) is busted (mostly doesn't respond OR thinks it wants to rescan for channels which is the right button). Also, he got a big leg cut on the short ladder from the shrubs when fiddling with an antenna on the corner near AC unit, garage, and kitchen sink's window. He also said he is going to return that huge CM antenna to Fry's Electronics (hope they don't ban him like Best Buy did to that one guy a few months ago) too. Um, he was the one who wanted to try it even though I was surprised by its feed results! [sighs]

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