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I appreciate your response NascarKen . I am not attempting to get any VHF channels because both are fairly weak and about 90 miles away though they are both NBC. I do have one of the discontinued atennaecraft 7-13 VHF channel antennas which would be very good for WSMV-DT and could be a last resort but I should be able to get WNBJ-LD on UHF. WMC-dt would require a much larger higher wind load Low VHF antenna like the 8200 and I am trying to avoid both the extra weight but more the wind load which would make the system less steady that might cause less reliable UHF reception and would likely still have to have to have separate UHF system from my prior experience the UHF portion of the 8200 did not perform as well as several different dedicated UHF antennas at my house.

The main reason I plan to try the 91XG instead of the HDB91 xg are the reviews i have read that seem to suggest that the 91XG is has better construction and it is only about $15 more at least expensive source I found. Best I could tell they are very similar antennas. I probably should compare the specs around channel 21 but for now will stick with 91XG.

I am not clear which amplifier you are suggesting but it would seem useful to use a dual UHF input amp if I have to stack UHF antennas . I see you mentioned the two channel masters but seem to be referring to a different amp for my project. I have used the RCA amp with both VHF and UHF inputs to combine the 7-13 antenna with UHF before and didn't need much amplification. I did neglect to mention that mast mounted amp will definitely be used due to RG6 cable run of about 125 to 150 feet depending on final antenna placement. Right now run is 100 feet.

So, to be clear which amp are you suggesting to try?
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